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2107AD - The Future is Now Soundtrack

No Project/IP is complete without a proper soundtrack, The Future is Now - "2107AD" is something I'm very proud of, and when I finally decided to produce a physical edition in CD and Casette I knew I also needed new original artwork to go with it.
Cover, back-cover, interior art and some final product pictures after the jump.

The Future is Now created by Josan
Music composed by Ex-Machina, OGRE, Bourgeoisie and VHS Glitch

Check the soundtrack on Bandcamp:
Or purchase at:
(Digipack currently sold out)

Josan gonzalez option three v26

Sai Zhang, roaming Robo-City XVI

Josan gonzalez handzor v3


Josan gonzalez inside store v5


Josan gonzalez 2107x cassette jcard 4pp

J-Card for Casette

Josan gonzalez 02e
Josan gonzalez 04
Josan gonzalez 03e